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ITNeedsHelp will be adapting our Shop office hours to match the current state requirements and recommendations for the COVID-19 response.

For the short term we are discouraging unnecessary in-person visits to our office when possible and will be offering more remote support options. Using our TeamViewer remote support and TeamViewer Augmented Reality remote support we will be able to handle many of your problems from the convenience of your home. If the problems can’t be addresses remotely or virtually we will advise you on the best times to bring your system to our office for an in-person repair. Although our in-office hours will be shortened, we will be offering our remote and virtual support on an extended on-call basis. Remote business support will not be affected.

Our temporary office hours are:

Monday - Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm by appointment only. This is to help limit in-person interactions as all businesses are temporarily being asked to do. Remote business support will not be affected.

As always, please call us if you have any questions and thank you for the continued patronage and support of our local business over the years:  240-415-4357


Helping fix IT for the local community for years :)


We specialize in computer repair and tech support for Home & Small Businesses in Frederick MD and the surrounding counties. We offer many services on-site but for most we recommend you save money by bringing it to us. For the last few thousand issues over the years it usually goes like this: people call us, ask a few questions, bring us the issue, we find a solution, we fix the issue, they get it back, pay us an extremely fair price, say thank you and then tell others.

If you have any questions just call or email us. We would be glad to help and actually enjoy answering questions and fixing peoples problems. If for some reason we can't help you ourselves we usually have contacts that can.


What can we do to help you?


Our services range from home and business tech support to virus & malware removal, equipment repair, computer repair, data recovery / data backups, connected devices setup, wired and wireless networks, business maintenance / support contracts, remote support and more. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have about how we can help you or your business, our prices, how fast we can take care of you, or anything else you would like to know.

ITNEEDSHELP has been taking care of home and business clients from the local communities for many years. We do our best to provide friendly, helpful, and easy to understand tech support. We go out of our way to get to know our customers and their individual needs which is why many have been with us since the start and recommend us to friends, family, and co-workers.


We have been taking care of local businesses IT needs for over 15 years. IT management, onsite and offsite backup, remote support, consulting, technology purchasing, phone support, and much more. If it has to do with technology we can help. Call us today for a free consultation.


We provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance and monitoring services for many local businesses. We can keep an eye on your office systems with our remote monitoring and fix issues before you even know they are issues. Call us today for a free consultation.


We can't always tell you exactly how you got it but we make it all go away. Sometimes we can use removal tools and sometimes we have to save your data and reinstall the operating system. Once clean we try and prevent future issues through antivirus and education.


Move data from an old system to a new system. Recover data from a failing or seemingly dead hard drive. Transfer data off an infected drive and to a new drive after being cleaned. Recover deleted files. We can help you understand all the options and prevent future disasters.


We can fix, repair, replace, or upgrade most devices cheaper than replacing the entire system. Broken screens, new hard drives, and more RAM. Sometimes it isn't worth it but many times it is. Call us to find out. If its not worth is we can help you decide what to buy, configure it, and show you how to use it.


Cell phones and tablets are now the main devices most people use but the majority aren't setup correctly or backed up at all. We can link your devices, setup automatic picture backups, configure accounts, and even show you how to actually use them. We can also help with repairs.

Get in touch today to learn more about our customized IT solutions for your business or how we can help you simplify life at home.

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We are 24/7 phone support for Business contract customers. While we are open earlier for business, our walk-in office hours vary and are listed below:

During the current COVID-19 situation:
10-6 Mon-Fri
Please call ahead for all visits. By appointment only.


While we provide business support 24/7 for our contract customers. Our main office doors are open at the hours listed below. Additional hours are available by appointment for remote support, onsite setups, and for many more services. Our early morning hours before 11am are mostly dedicated to onsite business support and maintenance.


During the COVID-19 situation:
10-6 Mon-Fri
Please call ahead for all visits: By appointment only.

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Efficient. Secure. Reliable

ItNeedsHelp, located in Frederick, MD, specializes in complete, friendly, personal, and local technology services for both your home and office. Our services include tech consulting, software support, business maintenance, OS installation, hardware support, virus removal, data recovery, tablet set up, mobile support, and more. ItNeedsHelp, if it has to do with technology, we can support it. Contact us today for more information!

Established in 2012.

Even though ItNeedsHelp was incorporated in 2012, we have been taking care of local homes and business for over 15 years. We recently changed our name and reincorporated when Jimmy Campbell joined as Co-Owner. Our main office has been inside The Frederick Indoor Sports Center (formerly The Sports Plex) for the last 15 yrs. Over the years we have helped 1500+ homes and 100+ businesses with all their technical support needs with a very personal touch and have been rewarded with the majority of our new business coming from referrals. We Look forward to adding you to our long history of happy customers.





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We always want to hear from you. Please call or email us today with any questions you may have.

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1845 Brookfield Ct. Suite 202 Frederick, MD 21701
Inside The Frederick Indoor Sports Center (FISC)

(240) 415-4357

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